Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friendly Visitor

Three more days left in North Carolina and then we will be hitting the road on our way to Florida. Rocco had an enjoyable last Saturday here thanks to a visit from his long time friend, Paul. Rocco and Paul have been friends and past co-workers for 20 years. They worked together back in New York. Paul now lives in North Carolina and paid us a visit to catch up on old times with Rocco. Its always great to reconnect with good friends as well as making new ones. Hopefully now that these friends have been reunited, Paul and his family can take a vacation to Florida and pay us a visit there. This will probably be my last "North Carolina" post. So check back this coming week, as I will be posting my first "TENT" blog. See you in Sunny Florida.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Checking In

Just decided to add a blog post tonight to let everyone know I am still alive and well with 7 more days to go in North Carolina. Still very excited about our upcoming move and looking forward to getting back home. Baked a couple loaves of Honey wheat bread today that turned out quite yummy then my thoughts turned to baking at my campsite. Rocco suggested buying a camp oven or solar oven, and my suggestion was to build one instead. It sounds like so much more fun and a learning experience at the same time. So even though we are a week away from our adventure start, my thoughts are already there. The weather here has been mild the last couple days, but temps are going back down in the 20's Thursday evening. We even have a 30 percent chance of snow on Thursday. Hopefully its a low enough percentage to pass us by.
On a closing note, The Snowy Egret photo was taken by myself at St. Andrews State park last spring while we were volunteering there. He was posing so perfectly for me and it turned out a nice photo.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Edenton Cotton Mill

We try to walk every day for exercise and the weather was nice today with lots of sun so we enjoyed being out in it. We walked to the nearby Edenton Cotton Mill which is over 100 years old. The original mill still stands. Although the outside is original, the inside has been converted to luxury condos, A chance to live in and own a piece of local history. The neighboring community consists of approximately 57 homes that were once "Casita" style cottages for the mill workers and their families. They have been restored and now are individually owned and lived in. It makes for a lovely neighborhood. The water photo was taken right by the mill. Its a small creek leading into the Sound and I am sure was a way to transport goods from the cotton Mill by boat to load onto larger shipping vessels. This town has lots of History and I enjoy the photo opportunities and love sharing these with everyone.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Panama City Beach

Well we have 12 more days here in North Carolina then we are on our way to ST. Andrews State park in Panama City Beach Florida. It will be our third time volunteering at this park, but our first time doing so in a tent. We will arrive at the park March 4th. We are looking forward to arriving back at this park and will be doing so at the beginning of SPRING BREAK. For any of you familiar with Panama City Beach, then you know Spring Break is a busy, crowded time for the beach. But will enjoy every minute of it, I am sure. I won't be doing TOO much Blogging prior to that time as my blog is all about tent living/volunteering and not about living in North Carolina. Not to mention that there isn't much happening here to talk about and I don't want to bore you. So check back a little closer to our departure date and I will catch back up with my blog then.

Meet Sophie and Auggie

Meet Sophie and Auggie. They are our "Canine Kids" that will also be calling our tent home. Sophie is a Female Rat Terrier, and Auggie is a male Bagel (Beagle/Basset cross) I am sure they will be our number one source of entertainment in the tent, and I am not quite sure if that is a good thing (HaHa) We will keep you up to speed on their great outdoor adventures also.

Kuniko and Erwin

This is a picture of our Feline "kids" that will be joining us in our tent adventure. Don't let their cute cuddly appearance fool you. Although they are "loving" each other in this photo, they can be quite a handful while awake. They will add an element of fun to the tent all their own. Erwin is the red tabby male, Kuniko is our "senior" tabby female.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is Rocco. He is the "Man" of the house, uh Tent. He is the one who will be the foundation of our success in this adventure. When things aren't going as I planned, he is the calm voice that reminds me, no matter what happens "It will all work out as long as we have each other"

Hi Everyone

Hi, our names are Rocco and Velda and we are about to embark on a great adventure. We are moving full time into a tent, yes a nylon camping tent, with two dogs and two cats. We are full time Florida State Park volunteers and will be living in a few different state parks through out the year in a tent. We are sure there will be many ups and downs, hopefully more ups. I will be blogging my way through this adventure. How long it will last, no one knows. But we are expecting many laughs along the way and a new outlook on day to day life as we know it. Come along with us and share in on the fun.