Thursday, June 17, 2010

Still Alive

Yes we are still alive, just kinda put the blog on the back burner as our lives shifted directions once again. Will have to change the name of my blog now as we left the tent life behind. On June 3rd we moved from the tent (and St Andrews State Park) into a rented mobile home on the west end of Panama City Beach in an area known as Laguna Beach. I started back to work at Funland Arcade in Panama City Beach and we decided to make this area our permanent home and give up "wandering" about. As everyone knows, an oil rig explosion in the Gulf has left residents along the Gulf Coast in despair and some with their lively hoods at risk, not to mention all the damage to wildlife and nature. Well so far we are oil free in Panama City Beach but the threat looms ever so close with updates daily that leave us holding our breath to see if we "are next". I am unsure what the future holds for us if and when we are the next to suffer from this disaster, so for now we are living each day one day at a time. Keep us and everyone on the Gulf Coast in your prayers as we hope for the best.