Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where did all the time go

I see my last post was September 2011 and now its January 2012. Went to work at Sam's club in the Fall and still working there today. Rocco had Nasal surgery in October, it helped with his breathing some but not a perfect fix. But all in all he is healed and doing well. Some articles I have read online say nasal surgeries can take up to a full year for the full effects to be seen. So I guess time will tell. It was a rough and uncomfortable recovery for him. Trying now to cut back on some of his medications and switch to a more natural health approach. Dropped his statin cholesterol medicine for vitamin C. We have read just too many negative articles about statins and all the bad side effects and damage they do. His Chiropractor was happy to hear he gave up that drug. Now reducing diabetes medications and going to try Ceylon Cinnamon. Will keep an eye on his glucose levels as it can take some time for the Cinnamon to work. He is still taking Januvia though while we give this a try. Christmas went well, Kids were over for Christmas eve and we spent Christmas day home alone. Been a mild winter with nice temps, very few cold or chilly days. So that about catches things up. Pretty quiet since my last post.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

September Morning

What a nice morning it has been. The temperatures are nice enough (for now) that our air conditioners were turned off yesterday afternoon and the windows have been opened all night and all morning. The fresh air was much needed after a long hot summer with the house closed up tight with AC's running constantly. It smells so much fresher now. Rocco had an early morning visit to the hospital out patient center for routine blood work, then back home for a tasty breakfast of Home fries, Bacon, toast and eggs over easy. (and I had orange juice too) Now I am stuffed and ready for a nap before work this afternoon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Farewell to Ray

Been quite busy at work up until this week. Summer is finally winding down as kids get back to school. I sure was ready for this time of year though as its been a real busy summer at Funland. Ray, one of our regular customers this summer, is leaving for home this Sunday. He has been visiting Funland almost every day meeting with friends in the evening to enjoy our 99 cent Natural Lights. He will be missed.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vet trip

Yesterday morning I awoke to Auggie walking on three legs. He was holding up his right front paw and yelping with even the slightest touch. He spends the night in our bedroom with the door closed so it seems like if he did something in the night to injure his leg, we would have heard something. So it was off to the vet. After an exam the Dr decided it was not broke and was either a muscle or tendon injury from God knows what. His treatment was a cortisone shot and cortisone pills to be started in 2 weeks after the shot wears off. He also said that the shot would help his skin since he is always chewing and scratching himself raw. He sent him home with antibiotics for his skin condition also. While there we also had all his shots done (Rabies, distemper, parvo, bordetella) and tested for heart worms (negative results) and we bought a 6 month supply of Heartguard. Grand total, $121.00. Pet ownership, Priceless.

OK, I admit the bunny picture has nothing to do with my post, but they sure are cute, LOL.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yard Sales

Got up early this morning, TOO EARLY, to hit a few yard sales. Picked up quite a few things.
A nice Sunny yellow ceramic kitchen canister set, a fish bowl complete with everything for a Betta, Fall designed table cloth with 12 matching cloth napkins (too big for my table but will use it to cover the folding table I use for Thanksgiving Buffet) Several autumn and Christmas scented decorative candles, a cassette tape convertor so we can play cd's in our jeep using a portable cd player, a cute Halloween doggie bone toy, a tin punched framed collage country theme picture for my kitchen, a set of two kitten themed throw pillows, a mickey mouse throw pillow, two christmas themed throw pillows, an awesome black and white ceiling fan for our living room, a Christmas angel puzzle, several kid learning puzzles, a toddler toy for the "grandkids", a new still in the package set of childrens classics hard cover books, and I think that might be it.
I love yard sales.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Harbor Walk Village

Was off work today so decided to go to Harbor Walk Village in Destin. Walked around and saw all the sights and fishing boats. There were quite a few restaurants to choose from and we decided on AJ's. We ordered a HUGE steamer bucket to share and it was so much food we couldn't even finish it. It was awesome.

Monday, July 25, 2011


(1:30 pm) Slept in this morning, until noon that is. I didn't get to bed last night until 4:30 A.M. so it was only 7 and a half hours sleep. Not like I was just being lazy. After rolling out of bed, had a couple more papers to gather together and fill out to turn into the Clerk's office at the court house for Rocco's divorce. We are doing it ourselves and it sure involves a lot of papers and leg work. It is nearing the end of the process so HOPEFULLY this was the last forms we needed to turn in. Then back home for lunch. Had some pre-made pulled pork BBQ sandwiches. Just heat and plop on a bun and its instant lunch. Tasty but the BBQ sauce was a bit sweet. As we were eating, Bo decided to get a drink of water and came into the living room drooling, so Corinne got a napkin to wipe his mouth. He didn't seem to mind at first but then he lashed out at her and bit her finger. I just don't know about this dog. He has bitten Rocco before too and even growled at me a couple nights ago when I picked him up to put him in the bathtub. He was fine in the bath and even when I picked him up to take him out. He was playing when I was drying him off, then got mad and attacked the towel. He never bit me but showed some attitude for sure, MMMMMMM? He is calm now playing with a stuffed doggie toy. He was tossed around a bit before coming here. Not sure if that caused the behavior issues or if the issues caused the tossing around. But for all the attitude issues, we still love him and he sure is cute. LOL.

(7:30 P.M.) Had a good afternoon out and about. Rocco had a Chiropractor appointment at 3 pm which did not take long at all. Still working on an issue with his hip but it is almost well thanks to his Chiropractor. Then off to Borders for their going out of business sale. In the paper they advertised 40 percent off but only their magazines was 40% off, almost all books and gifts was only 10% off. Not much of a sale at those kinds of discounts yet the store was full of people buying stuff. Heck if that's all it took to get business they should have just had a 10% off sale instead of closing their doors. I can't believe all the people BUYING for just 10 percent off. I bought a Muppets Yahtzee game while I was there. Not because of the sale price as it was 20.00 normally but only saved 2.00 on sale. I just thought it was cute and I like Yahtzee. I will check back closer to closing time when they really have some deals. After Borders walked over to the Pretzel Maker (we were at Pier Park) and had pretzels and a soda. Pier Park was very crowded with tourists so headed back to town and away from all the beach traffic. Quick stop at Goodwill where I bought a pair of jeans for me that had been cut off to capri length. Then off to Petsmart. Had to pick up some dewormer for Bo as he has all the symptoms of Hookworms. But that's an easy fix with the right medicine. Afterwards stopped by Best Buy to pick up a Playstation Memory card but they did not have the one we needed so I just found and bid on one on Ebay. (its an older obsolete one we need for an older game we have, Disney racing) Finished off our running around with a trip to Cold Stone Creamery for Ice Cream. Had Double dark chocolate Ice cream and Rocco Had a shake. YUMMY.

(2 A.M.) Well finished off the day with a late night homemade supper of Dr Pepper BBQ chicken, BBQ flavored rice and Broccoli with cheese. After Lucas and Corinne got in from work and ate then we played a game of Muppet Yahtzee and I WON. Now off to bed.

Another day of work

Just another typical busy day at Funland. Got off work at midnight and headed to Walmart in Lynn Haven for some late night grocery shopping. The store is quite empty that time of night. Made it home with some delicious powdered donuts and cold milk for a late night snack. Now playing Disney Racing on Corinne's Playstation 2. Disney Racing is an old Playstation one game we use to have and play all the time. I just picked up this copy on Ebay and we are having fun playing and bring back memories.