Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where did all the time go

I see my last post was September 2011 and now its January 2012. Went to work at Sam's club in the Fall and still working there today. Rocco had Nasal surgery in October, it helped with his breathing some but not a perfect fix. But all in all he is healed and doing well. Some articles I have read online say nasal surgeries can take up to a full year for the full effects to be seen. So I guess time will tell. It was a rough and uncomfortable recovery for him. Trying now to cut back on some of his medications and switch to a more natural health approach. Dropped his statin cholesterol medicine for vitamin C. We have read just too many negative articles about statins and all the bad side effects and damage they do. His Chiropractor was happy to hear he gave up that drug. Now reducing diabetes medications and going to try Ceylon Cinnamon. Will keep an eye on his glucose levels as it can take some time for the Cinnamon to work. He is still taking Januvia though while we give this a try. Christmas went well, Kids were over for Christmas eve and we spent Christmas day home alone. Been a mild winter with nice temps, very few cold or chilly days. So that about catches things up. Pretty quiet since my last post.