Thursday, October 7, 2010


We went camping this past Sunday and Monday evening at St Andrews State Park. Planned on spending a third night but canceled due to windy conditions. The wind started blowing as soon as we arrived and just never stopped and it was quite brisk. We were tent camping and Adam spent the night on Sunday. The guys fished almost the whole time as our campsite was located right on Grand Lagoon, but the fish just weren't biting. Adam caught a nice size Blue fish on Monday morning and I caught my first ever Red Fish about an hour later. He was 9 pounds, 27 inches long. Adam is holding MY Redfish in the photo. We had friends over for dinner on Monday evening at our campsite to share the fresh caught fish. Auggie got to go along and really enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine. The photo of me was taken inside the tent on Tuesday Morning as we awoke to another windy morning.

20 Gallon aquarium

We cleaned and redecorated our 20 gallon fish aquarium located in our living room today. It turned out really great and the colors have a nice Autumn hue to them making it very Seasonal. It has a nice warm glow to it with the Aquarium light that the photo does not show. I love both of our tanks and enjoy keeping tropical fish. Its a relaxing hobby that Rocco and I both have fun with. As an update on my last post about the Male Betta we added to our 40 gallon tank, he has settled in well and gets along with his tank mates. He no longer seems afraid and flaunts his pretty flowing fins.