Sunday, February 13, 2011

Living Area

Finally got some Photos of the living Area which consists of our Living Room, Dining area and Entry way. I know everything look so empty but you have to remember we moved here from a cramped tiny Mobile home so I don't have much to fill up all the space. I guess I need to go shopping. Didn't want to bring in anything else until the carpets were cleaned, which we did yesterday. The carpets aren't perfect but MUCH MUCH better. They were so bad before cleaning. We are thinking about adding some area rugs to brighten and cozy things up. We have looked at several stores and Pier 1 imports has some we really like. I will upload new photos as we decorate and make our home cozy and comfy.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Carpet cleaning

Today is carpet cleaning day. Just taking a break as we are only about half done. Rented a Rug Doctor machine and though the end results are not perfect (because these carpets were the dirtiest I have EVER seen) as you can see from the photos, WOW what a difference it does make. Its a lot of work and lots more to go but very happy with the fresh clean look.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Well what started out as a simple trip to the store to buy a single blind didn't quite end up that way. Our living room has 3 windows. Two blinds were in good shape, one was not. Store after store after store left us with no match in the right size to replace the bad blind. So our last store was Sears, but no blind. At that point I said the hell with the blind search. So the 10.00 vinyl blind turned into 120.00 curtains. (three of which all match, LOL) So as you can see in the pictures, This is what it looks like with curtains (the two behind the couch anyways) and the lovely look before. It has been an all day job and Rocco worked real hard. Through it all I sustained one injury, the couch was pushed over my big toe but after a little blood and some painful throbbing we were back on track and the job completed. All in all, I think it was worth the work and aggravation.

New Home

Well its been like forever since I added a post to my blog so here I go. Changed the name of my blog from seaside living to Florida Living as most of you know we bought a home in Panama City and moved off of the beach. Been busy since February 1st just getting all settled in. We installed a knob on the linen closet door in our master bathroom today. I said earlier on Facebook that only a new home owner could get excited about a closet door knob, Ha Ha. Rocco chose this knob as he liked the rustic iron look. Its been chilly and wet here lately and can hardly wait for better weather so we can start enjoying our new neighborhood. Was very gray Thursday but sun on the way for Friday.