Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brayden comes to Visit

Fathers day was a good day for Rocco as he had visitors. His two daughters came to visit along with his 6 month old grandson, Brayden. Kimberly, Brayden's mommy and Rocco's oldest daughter, is pregnant once again so Rocco will be a Grandpa X 2. Things have been the same day to day around here. The summer Florida temperatures have been hot and balmy making outdoor activities lower down on our list of things to do. I much prefer Spring and Fall around here. Work is in full swing at the Arcade I cook at, as its right on "The Strip" in Panama City Beach and it is Tourist season. So far we have been spared from oil, a few tar balls that have washed up in various location along the beaches in Bay county were quickly cleaned up. With a couple more months left for family vacations , we are hoping for clear beaches for all visiting our unspoiled coast.