Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yard Sales

Got up early this morning, TOO EARLY, to hit a few yard sales. Picked up quite a few things.
A nice Sunny yellow ceramic kitchen canister set, a fish bowl complete with everything for a Betta, Fall designed table cloth with 12 matching cloth napkins (too big for my table but will use it to cover the folding table I use for Thanksgiving Buffet) Several autumn and Christmas scented decorative candles, a cassette tape convertor so we can play cd's in our jeep using a portable cd player, a cute Halloween doggie bone toy, a tin punched framed collage country theme picture for my kitchen, a set of two kitten themed throw pillows, a mickey mouse throw pillow, two christmas themed throw pillows, an awesome black and white ceiling fan for our living room, a Christmas angel puzzle, several kid learning puzzles, a toddler toy for the "grandkids", a new still in the package set of childrens classics hard cover books, and I think that might be it.
I love yard sales.

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