Tuesday, July 12, 2011

St George Island

Today was another great day off that started out with sleeping in really late. Always nice to catch up on some much needed ZZZZZZ's. Then decided to head out to St George Island. We stopped in Apalachicola for a late lunch, Seafood of course. Then on to St George and the St. George Island State park. Took some great sand dune and sea oats pictures there. The water was awesome, all clear of June grass that far East (St George is roughly 100 miles from us) The Beach was alive with lots of ghost crabs and shore birds. We found whole sand dollars washed up on shore much to Rocco's delight as most sand dollars we find are broken before reaching shore. We gathered up the sand dollars and brought some home as a reminder of our great day. The weather was perfect, warm sea breezes blowing and lots of sun. Then headed back to Apalachicola and stopped off at Caroline's River Inn for a couple dozen raw oysters before heading home.

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